• Service. Integrity.
    Excellence. Teamwork.The foundation of our Company is the willingness to serve.

  • Cleaning up coal ashWe believe that reclaiming coal ash and recycling it for beneficial use in concrete is the best solution for people and the environment.

  • We create solutionsOur STAR® Technology is the first commercially-successful process of its kind in the world.


STAR® Technology

STAR® (Staged Turbulent Air Reactor) Technology is our patented thermal beneficiation process to transform coal ash from surface impoundments or ponds into a high-quality, sustainable product for the concrete industry.

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Fly Ash Sales & Operations

SEFA is a premier technical product and service company to the construction and utility industries and an innovative leader in fly ash beneficiation.

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SEFA Transportation

SEFA Transportation now has 20 years of experience, 40 million miles traveled, over 3 million tons delivered, and has won numerous awards for safety.

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Industrial Solutions

SEFA Industrial Solutions provides customized solutions in process engineering, capital project upgrades and modifications, and mechanical and electrical field installation.

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Spherix® Mineral Products

Spherix® Mineral Products are sustainable, inorganic process aids for organic rubber, plastic, and silicone rubber.

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