The SEFA Group has been an environmental steward for 40 years, maximizing the beneficial utilization of coal combustion products to be recycled in concrete buildings, bridges, and roads. To this end, SEFA annually markets more than a million tons of fly ash for beneficial use, an amount equivalent to preserving over a million cubic yards of landfill space annually.

SEFA serves customers in the utility industry and construction industry across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states. The environment in our communities is a priority, and SEFA conserves resources and minimizes waste in a manner that goes above and beyond compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Our proprietary STAR Process converts pond ash with zero solid waste stream. The STAR Process provides multiple benefits to the environment as ash is recycled. All coal ash removed from ponds is transformed into a new, environmentally-responsible material and 100% of coal ash is eliminated. When STAR material is is used at maximum cement replacement ratios, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. For every ton of fly ash used, there is roughly a 1-ton reduction in CO2 emissions from the manufacturing of Portland cement, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and more sustainable environment.