Custom Equipment

SEFA’s Engineering Group can offer a variety of solutions to address your needs. Let us help you determine the most cost effective method to tackle your material handling problems. Contact us to evaluate your project, and provide a conceptual engineering package.


We design with an “Owner’s Mentality”.

Pneumatic Conveying


Dense Phase pneumatic conveying systems are particularly suitable for applications where material must be conveyed at high rates over long distances. The product extrudes through the pipeline, initially at low velocity, and gradually accelerating towards the destination. The lower conveying velocities also extend the service life for systems conveying abrasive materials by minimizing erosion and general wear. When properly sized and tuned, these systems can provide low operating and maintenance costs.

Shown is a SEFA Dense Phase Transporter vessel designed to convey coal fly ash a distance of nearly 1,000 feet at rates up to 75 TPH. These vessels are designed for low maintenance and long life. In addition, SEFA’s control philosophy includes “smart features” that can accommodate changes in load as well as material characteristics. The transporter, along with all valves and controls, can be shipped as a single skid mounted piece of equipment to minimize field installation.

SEFA Mobile Bin Vent (Dust Collection Systems)

The picture below shows a custom designed bin vent which was used for dust collection while offloading pneumatic tankers into rail cars. This Mobile Bin Vent could accommodate the airflow and dust from two tankers simultaneously. In some applications the equipment could be supported by crane, forklift or lull, or mounted on a permanent structure to allow for loading at virtual any location.


SEFA Pneumatic Conveying Portable Trash Trap

The SEFA Group has many proven designs to collect and remove trash/garbage from pneumatic conveying lines. The equipment shown below were designed to be attached to the blow off lines of pneumatic tankers to protect silos from receiving trash and potentially damaging aeration and load out equipment. These traps are portable, and can be easily moved from location to location. In addition, the clean out port is easily accessible allowing cleaning on a regular basis.


SEFA Pneumatic Conveying In-Line Trash Trap

If trash getting into a silo is a problem, it is often preferred to install a trash trap at the source. Unfortunately these areas are not always accessible, and cleaning them on a regular basis can be a nightmare.

Shown in the picture below is a SEFA “In-Line” trash trap. This trap was designed to prevent any unwanted material from flowing into a pneumatic tanker during loading. The trap is typically installed in an accessible location to ensure cleaning easily and on a routine basis.