Special Projects

special projects

  • SEFA Industrial Solutions can help in virtually any stage of project development.  Feasibility Studies can be conducted to define equipment and system requirements, and to determine acceptable options to satisfy project goals.
  • A Conceptual Engineering package which includes total installed capital cost. along with operating and maintenance considerations can be presented to aid in selection of the most suitable solution for each application.  By leveraging our many years of experience operating and maintaining our facilities, we can assure you the overall lowest cost of ownership, with many years of trouble free operation.
  • Once the proper solution is selected, SEFA Industrial Solutions can aid in all phases of Engineering, Procurement & Construction by utilizing our in-house expertise, or working with one of our core partners.  Operator Training and Start-Up Services are also available to provide complete Turnkey Services.

Contact us to evaluate your project, and provide a conceptual engineering package

We design with an ‘Owner’s Mentality’.

Below is a highlight of past projects completed by our Engineering & Construction team:

Morgantown STAR II Beneficiation Facility (2010 – 2011) 5312_1725_128_pdf_adobe_acrobat_icon


The SEFA Group’s STAR technology was the selected fly ash beneficiation solution at GenOn’s Morgantown Generating Station in southern Maryland.  As both technology provider and operator of the facility, SEFA was responsible for all process design and equipment specifications.

SEFA provided all Process Engineering and assisted the utility during the detailed engineering and permitting phases of the project.  In addition, SEFA designed and fabricated the Critical Process Equipment – primarily the Reactor, Cyclones and associated ductwork.  SEFA also provided the complete Distributed Control System (DCS) for the entire facility.

The ash beneficiation facility is designed to process upwards of 350,000 tons per year of high carbon fly ash from GenOn’s Morgantown and Chalk Point Stations.  The plant provides high quality pozzolan for the local Ready Mix Concrete industry.

The scope of the Fly Ash Beneficiation Facility includes all ash handling from the existing utility storage silos, to the STAR Process Island, and from the process to the dome and load out area nearly ½ mile away.  Product storage includes a new 30,000 ton dome (shown below).


SCE&G Wateree Station Fly Ash Upgrades (2010 – 2011) 5312_1725_128_pdf_adobe_acrobat_icon


With the need to minimize or eliminate wet disposal of fly ash at Wateree Station, SCE&G turned to The SEFA Group to design and install a means to condition dry ash suitable for landfilling on site.  As part of the project scope, SEFA designed, engineered, procured and constructed a dense phase pneumatic transport system to convey ash from Wateree Unit 2 to the existing Unit 1 silo.  This pneumatic conveying system is capable of transfer rates in excess of 30 tons per hour at a distance of 900 feet.

In addition, SEFA modified the existing fly ash storage silo and installed a new ash conditioner.  SEFA Engineering handled every aspect of design on this project from the development of process specifications, through the sizing, procurement and fabrication of the dense phase transporter.  The system was provided as a turnkey solution, and SEFA provided all necessary controls and instrumentation to operate the system.  All commissioning and operator training was completed by SEFA Engineering personnel.

SCE&G’s Wateree Station – Limestone Feed Project (2012) 5312_1725_128_pdf_adobe_acrobat_icon

The SEFA Group was requested by SCE&G to design and install a system to meter limestone onto their coal belts as a means of reducing or eliminating arsenic poisoning of their SCR catalyst.


It has been found that the addition of limestone to the fuel effectively mitigates much of the potential SCR catalyst deactivation caused by arsenic poisoning.  Free Calcium Oxide (CaO) in the limestone reacts with gaseous arsenic to form a solid, Ca3(AsO4)2, which does not poison the SCR catalyst.  The decrease in the relative rate of catalyst deactivation results in a cost savings.

SEFA’s scope of supply included the limestone feed hopper (pictured above), a variable speed feed belt, and an incline belt to convey material to a discharge chute.  The material feed rate was controlled by feedback from two (2) new nuclear density gauges used to detect the rate of material flowing on the facility’s coal belt.


In addition, SEFA designed and installed a concrete bunker to hold upwards of 3 days of limestone feed material.  The system operator fills the hopper in the morning, and tops it off in the afternoon.

Now in operation, this system will allow SCE&G to double or even triple the life of their SCR Catalyst resulting in a savings of millions.  In addition, the facility can now burn a variety of low cost fuels.


GenOn’s Chalk Point Station – Fly Ash Load Out Upgrades (2012) 5312_1725_128_pdf_adobe_acrobat_icon

With the addition of the Morgantown STAR facility, The SEFA Group was requested by GenOn to improve the fly ash loading infrastructure at Chalk Point Station. The recently completed STAR Thermal Beneficiation plant receives high carbon coal fly ash from Chalk Point as raw feed for the process.


This new loadout was designed to be capable of loading upwards of 26 pneumatic tankers per day for transfer to the Morgantown STAR facility. In addition, the loadout needed to be capable to load from either of Chalk Point’s two storage silos.


SEFA’s scope included all Architectural, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Structural Engineering, Demolition, Sitework, Concrete/Foundations, Structural Steel, Piping, Equipment Supply, Electrical & Mechanical Installation, along with Start-Up & Commissioning.

SCE&G Wateree CBO Heat Exchanger Replacement (2009) 5312_1725_128_pdf_adobe_acrobat_icon


The SEFA Group has had a contract to Operate and Maintain SCE&G’s Wateree CBO Fly Ash Beneficiation Facility for more than 10 years.  Over that time we have lead the development of a Life Extension program, and created a system to evaluate all wearable items.

Non Destructive Examination (NDE) tools allow us to anticipate the end of life for critical process equipment, which enables us to better plan for their replacement during regularly scheduled outages.

In 2009 we provided turn-key services to remove and replace  a Fire-Tube Economizer weighing over 100,000 lbs.  SEFA’s scope included procurement of all materials, and supervision over installation.  Our scope included development of a Critical Lift Plan to satisfy on-site rules and regulations.

SCE&G Wateree CBO Cyclone Replacement (2009) 5312_1725_128_pdf_adobe_acrobat_icon


SEFA designed, engineered, procured and constructed the removal and replacement of an existing cyclone at SCE&G’s Wateree CBO Fly Ash Beneficiation facility.

For this project SEFA provided Turnkey Services with a Fixed Price Contract.

Whether your application requires an exact replacement, or custom designed modification, allow SEFA’s Engineering Group to evaluate your project, and offer a number of different ways to tackle your application.

GenOn Morgantown Fly Ash Handling Upgrades (2009) 5312_1725_128_pdf_adobe_acrobat_icon

SEFA designed, engineered, procured and constructed the removal and replacement of the existing dry fly ash handling equipment at Mirant’s Morgantown Station.


In addition, SEFA designed, fabricated and installed new equipment to allow dry unloading of pneumatic tankers from both existing silos to a new load out.

Duke Belews Creek Fly Ash Handling Upgrades (2007) 5312_1725_128_pdf_adobe_acrobat_icon

SEFA designed, engineered, procured and constructed the upgrades to Duke’s Belews Creek dry fly ash load out facility and material handling systems.


The project included the addition of a second fly ash dry unloader complete with new drive through lane, scale, loading spout, dust collection & aeration equipment and all required instrumentation and controls.  In addition, material handling upgrades to the existing facility were also included in this work.