Refined Pozzolan

STAR ® Refined Pozzolan is the ultimate in Thermally Beneficiated Class F fly ash.

STAR ® Refined Pozzolan has applications ranging from ready-mix concrete to paving to precast products. It also promotes sustainable development by cutting down on the amount of new materials used in manufacturing. It’s recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council as a post-industrial, pre-consumer recycled material, which means it can contribute toward LEED credits.

pozzolan-microThose aren’t the only advantages of STAR ® Refined Pozzolan. Its superior strength and air entraining characteristics allow its use in more concrete mixes and at higher dosage rates. It also improves workability and reduces permeability, which delays onset of reinforcing steel corrosion. STAR ® Refined Pozzolan allows manufacturers to confidently tailor mixes precisely to meet weather, job or specification requirements.



  • Ready Mixed Concrete
  • Ternary Concrete Mixtures with Slag Cement
  • Concrete Paving
  • CLSM / High Density and Low Density Flowable Fill
  • Cellular Concrete
  • Precast and Prestressed Products:
  • Block, Pipe, Vaults, etc.
  • Asphaltic (SMA) Coarse Graded SuperPave
  • Ultrix® – Ultra Fine Pozzolan
  • Sustainable Development:
  • LEED Green Building Council



Let SEFA’s Technical Sales Representatives show you how your concrete may have:

  • Higher Strength
  • Improved Workability
  • Predictable Air Content
  • ASR Mitigation and Enhanced Sulfate Resistance
  • Lighter / Brighter Color
  • Reduced Permeability
  • Enhanced Finishablilty
  • Compatible with Slag Cement
  • 100% Recycled Material


Is STAR® Refined Pozzolan considered an environmentally responsible material?
Yes. STAR® Refined Pozzolan is a 100% postindustrial recycled material from the combustion of coal to produce electricity. Using STAR® Refined Pozzolan as a mineral admixture in concrete reduces the demand to manufacture portland cement and other virgin materials. We also convert 100% of the fly ash that would otherwise have been sent to a disposal site into a useful product.

Will STAR® Refined Pozzolan affect my concrete mix design?
Absolutely. The superior strength and air entraining characteristics of STAR® Refined Pozzolan will motivate you to use STAR® Refined Pozzolan in more concrete mixes and at higher dosage rates. ACI certified SEFA sales representatives can help you with mix testing and strength curves to optimize your savings through lower mix costs.

Is STAR® Refined Pozzolan compatible with chemical admixtures in concrete?
The only sure way to know how any admixtures, chemical or mineral, behave together is to test them. This we do know: the depleted-carbon STAR® Refined Pozzolan will have virtually no affect on the ability of your air entraining agent to build and maintain an air void system in the concrete. Independent testing shows that concrete made with STAR® Refined Pozzolan has essentially the same air dosage rate as plain portland mixes.

Does STAR® Refined Pozzolan help with green building and sustainable construction?
Definitely. By building a consistent air void system in concrete, owners know they are getting top performance in freeze-thaw conditions. Reactive fly ash also reduces permeability which delays the onset of reinforcing steel corrosion. Class F fly ash like STAR® Refined Pozzolan is one of the best strategies to defend against deterioration due to Alkali-Silica Reactivity and due to sulfates in the ground or water. When you use STAR® Refined Pozzolan, you produce durable, long-lasting concrete.

Can STAR® Refined Pozzolan contribute toward LEED® Credits? 
Yes. Fly ash like STAR® Refined Pozzolan has been recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council as a post-industrial, pre-consumer recycled material. In addition, all of our raw material comes from local, American power stations, so it is almost always a local/regional material. Finally, LEED® credit can be granted for strategies that reduce the release of carbon dioxide by reducing the demand for portland cement. SEFA representatives are available to assist you in calculating and preparing your LEED project submittals.

Will STAR® Refined Pozzolan perform in conjunction with Slag?
Yes. Blends of mineral admixtures such as STAR® Refined Pozzolan and slag cement can produce outstanding concrete properties such as low heat of hydration, superior ASR resistance, low permeability, reduced portland cement consumption, and reduce mix cost. The superior air entraining and strength gaining properties of STAR® Refined Pozzolan allow you to confidently tailor your mixes precisely to meet weather, job, or specification requirements.

How will STAR® Refined Pozzolan improve my concrete performance?
STAR® Refined Pozzolan will improve the overall quality and performance of concrete by contributing to higher strength compared with ordinary fly ash, improved air entraining characteristics, consistently light color, and superior workability and finishability. STAR® Refined Pozzolan is a manufactured product that surpasses the quality and consistency of other processed material and by-product fly ash.

How can I find out more about STAR® Refined Pozzolan?
The SEFA Group has experienced certified concrete Technical Sales Representatives across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic who are equipped to demonstrate how Refined Pozzolan can improve the overall quality and performance of your concrete. Visit our website at for a list of our sales representatives.