Automated Loadout

loadoutContinuous supply and convenience of loading are critical to the success of a fly ash marketing program. The ideal rule of convenience is to provide for 24 hour-a-day loading, 7 days-a-week. Generally, Portland cement concrete producers who own their own tankers prefer scheduling fly ash outside of regular business hours. They do so to insure that their tankers are available to transport Portland cement during their peak business hours in order to maintain their Portland cement inventory.

Therefore, The SEFA Group is committed to providing superior service by maximizing the convenience of loading through our automated loadout system. Each loading station is equipped with a proven computerized loadout system. The loadout stations have the ability to accept identification cards from the incoming trucks and bulk tankers. These identifications are entered into the scale’s computer system and recorded on the hard drive until downloaded to a permanent file. The computer then calculates the legal amount of product the tanker or truck can haul and signals the driver to begin loading. The computer closes the loading gate automatically when the scale indicates the set point has been reached.

After completing the loading cycle, the computer prints out a ticket listing all necessary data for customer billing and inventory purposes. An additional hard copy of the transaction can be kept in the printer if necessary. In the event of a problem concerning any identification card, the keyboard can activate the system. This requires the driver to type an account verification number before loading can begin.