Utility & Industrial Services

utility-photoThe growth of our Logistics’ division has enabled The SEFA Group to offer a wide variety of added value services. Our pneumatic fleet has made possible jobs that required loading pneumatic railcars utilizing a SEFA designed portable bag house. We are also capable of managing the logistical and trucking requirements for loading inland and ocean going barges. Serving the needs of high security governmental facilities and our nation’s ports are examples of challenges we accept and conquer. These accomplishments are made possible because of the vast array of skill sets our employees possess.

Our disposal operations employ dozens of experienced and well trained men and women. By utilizing the dependable fleet of SEFA’s heavy equipment they have been able to perform many different functions and to complete a variety of projects for our customers. From clearing snow covered roads to allow plant personnel to get to work to mowing vegetation for site beautification and slope stability we are capable of providing countless variety of services. Road building, deforestation, pipeline and erosion control construction, equipment maintenance, material excavation and transport, are only some of the operations we perform at the locations we serve.